Patient Stories

Inspiring stories from those who want to share their journey.

It is our fervent hope that in these patient stories, you find hope and inspiration as well as some understanding of what may lie ahead in your battle with cancer.  

No two stories or journeys are alike but patients can tell you better than we can on what it is like to battle their particular disease.

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Vanguard Cancer Foundation Assistance

In 1994, we tested Jake D. Phillips, a lung cancer patient with advanced disease.

Although we were not able to cure his cancer, we found a treatment that gave him added time and value to his life — a fact for which his sister, Loretta Stamos (mother of actor John Stamos), was forever thankful.

To show her appreciation and help others fighting cancer, Loretta created the Vanguard Cancer Foundation to support Dr. Nagourney's research and treatment of cancer patients.