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Stage 2 Breast Cancer: Jody King

Jody King

When Jody King, RN, was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer, her well-respected oncologist recommended a standard course of treatment.

But, Jody knew she didn’t want a standard protocol for her treatment; she wanted a more personalized approach to her care.

“I wanted specific treatment for MY breast cancer. Dr Robert Nagourney evaluated my cells and his recommendations for chemotherapy were well received by my treating oncologist.

Dr. Nagourney’s EVA-PCD functional profiling platform showed that the original plan for treatment would have been ineffective.

One of the planned chemotherapies was not at all active with my breast cancer cells and the other two were not effective on my cancer when administered together and this was the plan!

I thank God that I was referred to Dr. Nagourney by another amazing miracle woman who is under his care and has been surviving stage 4 lung cancer for more than five great years!

I know that I am cured because of his expertise, knowledge and belief that cancer is not simple.

It does not react the same way in each person.

We need to be evaluated individually and learn exactly what treatment will bring us the best outcome. This can ONLY be done by an assay evaluation for individual cell response to each chemotherapy.

Individualized treatment for each individual just makes sense!!

I know that Dr. Nagourney’s compassionate care and that of his staff at Rational Therapeutics (now Nagourney Cancer Institute) have blessed my life.

PLEASE refer any one with a cancer diagnosis to Dr. Nagourney.

He saves lives. I know because he saved MINE!”

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