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What We Do

Hundreds of drugs, drug combinations and targeted agents are used to treat cancer patients.  We help you find the treatment that is right for you.

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Personal Cancer Testing & Consultations

We offer personalized testing called, functional profiling, which exposes your living cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs, targeted agents and combinations.

This allows us to measure in the laboratory how your cancer cells will respond to drugs BEFORE you receive them.

We can test most types of cancers, solid and hematologic (blood).

Samples are sent to us from all over the US and internationally.

Once your sample is received in our laboratory, results are generally available within 7 days.  

Dr. Nagourney is also available for consultations to help you better understand your diagnosis and discuss treatment options.  He will work with you so you can make informed decisions about your care. 

If you cannot visit our office in Southern California, we may be able to arrange a phone or video consultation with Dr. Nagourney.

"By analyzing a piece of my tumor in the laboratory, Dr. Nagourney was able to identify which FDA approved drugs would have the best chance of killing my cancer.

And so, rather than following the standard path—guessing which chemo drugs might work, and making me sicker in the process if they failed—Dr. Nagourney was able to prescribe the correct, most effective treatment from the start."

— Pat Merwin, Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patient

"Meeting with Dr. Nagourney was different than other oncologists I had worked with.  He took his time and spent over one hour with me in the consultation.  I learned more about possible treatment options for my cancer than I had ever heard of working with other oncologists over the years.   I became more optimistic!"

— Glenn Bernstein, Leukemia Patient on consulting with Dr. Nagourney

Our Difference - Functional Profiling

Only functional analyses can capture each patient's tumor in real time and provide insights that can inform drug selection and treatment decisions. 

This is why we use functional profiling which is different than genomic testing and is a “real-time” analysis of how cancer cells actually respond when exposed to various treatment options.


What to Expect

If you or a loved one has just been diagnosed with cancer, you may be scared and confused. You are probably feeling overwhelmed by so many decisions suddenly facing you.

Patients who actively participate in their own treatment decisions do better. Knowledge is power, and being able to ask questions and make informed decisions can save your life.