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Professional endorsements

amory b. lovinsbio

Amory B. Lovins

Chairman and Chief Scientist,  Rocky Mountain Institute (named by Time magazine as one of the World's 100 Most Influential People in 2009)

"Dr. Robert A. Nagourney - Nobel-quality researcher and clinical oncologist, extraordinary physician, and creative maverick - is the doctor I'd go to if I had cancer.

For decades, with relentless patience, he's been proving that many supposedly incurable cancers can be killed, with greatly reduced harm to the patient, simply by using agents preselected in the laboratory to kill those specific cancer cells."

Thomas Panke

Thomas Panke, M.D.
President, Southern Ohio Pathology Consultants, Inc.; Author, Pathology of Thermal Injury

"Everyone's cancer is different....

Functional laboratory testing rescued my wife from certain death.  Her survival, now almost fourteen years later, was entirely due to Dr. Nagourney's identification of a drug combination rarely used in ovarian cancer in 1999, and not recommended by any of her seven gynecologic oncologists she consulted."

philip john

Philip J. Di Saia

MD Chair, Gynecologic Oncology Group
Professor and Division Director, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, University of California, Irvine

"Rational Therapeutics (now Nagourney Cancer Institute) has performed many assays on tissue from my patients with gynecologic cancer that I have found very helpful in selecting appropriate chemotherapy (both single agents and combinations of agents).

Several patients come to mind that had very guarded prognoses and did very well following the guidance given us by the assay performed by Rational Therapeutics (now Nagourney Cancer Institute)."

Dr. Robert Nagourney has earned international recognition as the most prominent leader in the field of chemosensitivity testing. 

For over two decades, my medical staff and I have included his chemosensitivity assay as an invaluable tool in helping us select the optimal chemotherapy regimen for our patients.

A more primitive proliferative assay led many to reject such testing early on. However, Dr. Nagourney's pioneering work, developing instead a more prominent apoptotic assay, has benefitted innumerable cancer patients and played a pivotal role in their treatment response and treatment outcome.

I believe all patients deserve the quality of information that Robert's testing provides, and that in the future, oncology practices will routinely incorporate such testing into the optimal care for patients.

Keith I. Block, MD, Skokie, Illinois

For more than five years and nearly 100 times, I have utilized the Rational Therapeutics (now Nagourney Cancer Institute) predictive test for tumor chemosensitivity.

The information influenced my treatment decisions at least 70% of the time, and there were many examples of extraordinary responses to drugs or combinations of drugs, which I never would have considered without the information.

R. Michael Williams, MD, PhD, California Medical Oncologist


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