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You Are Not In This Fight Alone

You're not in this fight alone.  We have answers to your questions along with people, information and other resources to help you.


Inspiring patient stories, Dr. Nagourney's blog, our cancer resource center containing TV segments, a TEDx talk, cancer treatment guides, FAQs are here.


Also, actor John Stamos tells you why his mother started the Vanguard Cancer Foundation to help our patients get their cancer tested.

In 1994, we tested Jake D. Phillips, a lung cancer patient with advanced disease. Although we were not able to cure his cancer, we found a treatment that gave him added time and value to his life — a fact for which his sister, Loretta Stamos (mother of actor John Stamos), was forever thankful.

To show her appreciation and help others fighting cancer, Loretta created the Vanguard Cancer Foundation to support Dr. Nagourney's research and treatment of cancer patients.  

Click on the short video at the right and let John Stamos tell you more.

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