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Stage 4 Stomach Cancer:
Shelly Powell

Shelly Powell

“One year ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer and told by two doctors that I had three months to live.

I had most of my stomach and colon removed, followed by chemotherapy.

A medical consultant had highly recommended that I have functional profiling testing done by Rational Therapeutics (now Nagourney Cancer Institute), since I did not have any time to waste on chemo drugs that might not work.

A standard drug combination had been recommended to me by two oncologists, however the results of the testing showed that different drugs would work better.

I found an oncologist who supported using the drugs recommended by Dr. Nagourney and I started weekly chemo treatments.

My Results from Treatment
Within just a few days of my first treatment I had dramatic results.

My feet had been swollen so big that I could not even wear shoes, and my abdomen was so full of fluid that I had to get it drained every week.

Within days my feet were back to normal and the fluid in my abdomen was gone. I had been in extreme pain all the time and the pain disappeared.

I continued on this regimen for six months, at which time a PET scan showed no sign of cancer.

My oncologist said that the results were remarkable and he attributed it to the fact that I chose the right drugs based on Dr. Nagourney's testing.

Unfortunately, (almost six months later) a recent colonoscopy showed microscopic cancer and I am back on the same chemo drugs, hoping that they work as well as they did the first time.

If not, I will go to the second set of drugs that showed as the most effective for my cancer.

I truly believe that if I had not had the testing done by Dr. Nagourney I would not be alive today.

My deepest gratitude go to Dr. Nagourney and his wonderful staff.”

Call us today at 1-800-542-4357 or email us through our CONTACT US page to see how the Nagourney Cancer Institute can help you identify the most effective stomach cancer treatment based on analyzing your unique cancer cell makeup. Our functional profiling analysis is more powerful than genomic testing that most centers offer and provides insights that can inform drug selection and treatment decisions.

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