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Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: Sharon Williamson

Sharon Williamson

Sharon Williamson, 65, is no stranger to cancer. In her early 30’s she was diagnosed with cancer in both breasts and underwent radical mastectomies and intensive radiation while suffering severe side effects.

Thinking back, Williamson commented, "At the time, if your doctor told you to do something, you just did it and you didn’t question it. Today, the patient plays a more active role and can participate in treatment decisions by having a dialogue with his or her doctor."

A decade later, Sharon faced her next cancer battle: stage 2 ovarian cancer. After surgery, she was given a standard chemotherapy regimen for ovarian cancer. The side effects limited her to only 5 of the recommended 6 cycles of treatment. However, she enjoyed a 13-year remission before a pelvic tumor was discovered.

Sharon’s doctor immediately started her on standard chemotherapy for recurrent ovarian cancer. She achieved a remission after 8 cycles. Sharon’s remission lasted 10 months, and then she presented with tumors of the pelvis and liver.

Sharon decided that if there were a “next time”, she would consider having an EVA-PCD assay done. She had heard about this individualized approach to chemotherapy using functional profiling, and she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Nagourney.

At Sharon’s request, her surgeon submitted portions of the cancer that he removed to Rational Therapeutics where the EVA-PCD assay was performed to find the most effective treatment. The assay identified treatments for Sharon which worked and resulted in a clear PET/CT scan.

Now on a very mild monthly maintenance schedule, Sharon’s treatment continues to work with little toxicity or side effects. Better yet, subsequent PET/CT scans have remained clear.

"It’s encouraging to know that there is a test available that can serve as a guide for selecting effective cancer treatments that are tailored to each patient’s particular needs,” added Sharon.

“I am thankful that I followed through and got the EVA-PCD assay to help me find a regimen that works for me. It allows me to live a busy, fulfilling life. I enjoy seeing my grandchildren, and my husband and I am having fun traveling again."

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