Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: Angela Garvin

I am SO VERY THANKFUL for Rational Therapeutics!  I fully believe their expertise has proven to be a lifesaver to me!!

I went against the protocol recommended by my two Atlanta oncologists, in order to go with Dr. Nagourney's functional profile to treat my Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

The testing by Rational Therapeutics (now Nagourney Cancer Institute) found a particular drug combination that I was especially sensitive to that also had less toxicity to my system.

The Rational Therapeutics EVA-PCD functional profiling test also showed I had some resistance to one of the drugs my two oncologists were proposing I use.

There was much discussion to bring my doctors to the point where they were "comfortable" going with the recommendations of a distant doctor on the other side of the country who has never even met me!

I personally felt it was a God-intervention that led me to even know about Rational Therapeutics at the exact time I needed it! 

Shari Burt was a wonderful encouragement and information source as I walked through the process. Dr. Nagourney was even willing to take the extra step to conference call with me when I had additional questions about his findings.

When one is diagnosed with cancer it is a personal battle.

The treatment should be done in a personal manner as well.

It is sad that the cancer industry wants to put everyone in a box and treat all cancer patients in the same way. We'll … there is a better way!! Thank you Rational Therapeutics!!

After two rounds of chemo, my PET scan has come back completely clear!

I have been able to experience miraculous results without enduring the typical side effects of typical cancer treatment. I even have been able to keep my full head of hair!!

The results I would have achieved from the other treatment is unknown … but I do know I would have been more miserable in the process …suffering needlessly with greater toxicity exposure.

I would have never known there was a better way … if it weren't for Rational Therapeutics! Hats off to you and THANK YOU for being a trailblazer in cancer treatment and the personal treatment alternative for so many of us grateful patients!!

With appreciation,
Angela Garvin
Suwanee, Georgia

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How We Test Your Cancer Infographic

Currently, hundreds of drugs, drug combinations and targeted agents are used to treat cancer patients. With so many choices, how does your oncologist decide which ones are right for you?