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Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Stage III: George Kalogridis

George Kalogridis

In April 2004, George Kalogridis was diagnosed with stage III Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. As he faced his own diagnosis, he immediately remembered a friend who had been diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma.

Throughout his own battle, George’s friend had experimented with a number of “natural” options without any luck. Ultimately, he had turned to Rational Therapeutics. The information he received from Rational Therapeutics’ EVA-PCD functional profile helped him find the right treatment regimen to save his life.

Based on this, George knew that Rational Therapeutics held the answers he needed, as he started his own fight against cancer.

“Two weeks after I was diagnosed, I took the Rational Therapeutics test and the results allowed my doctors to come up with a treatment regimen based on how well I would respond to various chemotherapies,” George says. “My local oncologist used these recommendations.

In July, after my second round of chemotherapy, the cancer was gone.”

George felt so good after his second round of chemotherapy that he had to be convinced to complete all six rounds of his treatment regimen. He did and George is still cancer free.

“Everybody is an individual and we all react differently to things,” George says. “It makes perfect sense that you should take a treatment specific to your own body’s needs. We’re all individuals and cancer care is no different.”

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