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Stage 2 Breast CancerSpread to 17 Lymph Nodes: Evelyn Salvador

November 1998 remains an unforgettable time in my life.

My family and I settled in the Philippines, and I had just been diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer following my 51st birthday.

Following the diagnosis, I made a decision to travel to Southern California in an effort to receive the treatment I needed to beat my cancer.

Southern California was a familiar place for me as many of my family and friends still resided in the area, providing a wonderful support system.

During my time in California, I had been referred to Dr. Robert Nagourney, and that referral ultimately saved my life.

For a cancer-stricken patient, the thought of having an oncologist who also spends a lot of his time and resources studying distinct, differing types of tumors and cells with customized treatments was helpful.

Meeting Dr. Nagourney

The initial meeting with Dr. Nagourney was difficult as I learned that 17 of my 23 lymph nodes were affected.

Thankfully, Dr. Nagourney took me on immediately with a customized treatment regimen.

Today, I am living a happy and cancer-free life, only having to visit Dr. Nagourney once a year from the Philippines.

Dr. Nagourney shares the burden of patients by understanding their frustration and stress, as they figure out if they are among the fortunate ones who will respond well to treatment.

He is a doctor who perseveres in matching the most formidable chemotherapy against a particular cancer tissue, one who makes an effective profiling platform that serves the needs of patients, making a difference in how cancer treatment is done.


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