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We analyze your living cancer cells to find out the drugs, combinations, and sequences that are most effective.

We match your results with more than 10,000 patient studies to ensure you have the most likely treatment to be effective against your specific cancer.

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Nagourney Cancer Institute is a CLIA Licensed Laboratory.*

CLIA ID: 05D0871981


California Department of Public Health (CDPH) State ID: CLF-00010526


* Rational Therapeutics DBA Nagourney Cancer Institute

What is Functional Profiling?

We perform Functional Profiling, a laboratory technique that measures how cancer cells respond when exposed to a variety of drugs and drug combinations.

Functional Profiling is more powerful than genomic testing that most centers offer. 

This approach reduces the guesswork from drug selection to find the most effective, least toxic options.  Results only take 7 days.


You and your doctor can then use this information to guide your treatment.


Ex Vivo Best Regimen Provides A 2.04 Fold Higher Response and 1.44 Fold Higher One-Year Survival*

*(Apfel C, et al . Proc Amer. Soc. Clin. Oncol. 2013)

Step 1
Sterile Surgical Specimen

Surgical Specimen is collected and transported overnight to our lab. 


Step 2
Cancer Cell Natural Explants
* Isolated


Step 3
* Exposed To Drugs and Combinations: Never Grown or Sub-cultured

We do not use 3D organoids or anything except the patient's own cells to test.


Step 4
* Incubated to Allow
Drugs to Take Effect


Step 5
Tumor Explant
* Survival Analyzed to Score Programmed Cell Death

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Step 6
* Results Compared 
With Over Ten Thousand 
Patient Studies in our Database


This process reduces the guesswork and gives you the information you and your oncologist need to help you make a truly informed decision about your treatment with the best available data.

An Explant is a portion of tumor that has been maintained in tissue culture without disrupting the architecture or structure of the cancer cell  micro-environment. Unlike cultured “3-D Organoids” Explants are never grown or amplified. This preserves their validity for clinical response  prediction.

Dr. Robert Nagourney is an internationally recognized pioneer in cancer research and personalized cancer treatment.

With more than 20 years of experience in human tumor primary culture analyses, Dr. Nagourney has authored more than 100 manuscripts and abstracts including publications in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology, and the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 

Over the past 20+ years, Dr. Nagourney and his team at the Nagourney Cancer Institute have developed a laboratory technique, functional profiling, that measures how cancer cells respond when they are exposed to a wide variety of drugs and drug combinations.  

By using this approach, the Nagourney team can determine the best drugs for each patient before they receive them. This reduces the guesswork in selecting the right drug treatment for you and is why our analysis is more powerful than genomic testing offered by most centers.

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Nagourney Cancer Institute

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We analyze your living cancer cells to find out the drugs, combinations, and sequences that are most effective for you. This reduces the guesswork in selecting your cancer treatment by measuring how your cancer cells will respond to drugs before you receive treatment.


This helps select the most effective and least toxic drug regimen for your cancer.

Why Nagourney Cancer Institute?

Accomplished cancer research and testing facility with a fully accredited federal and state-licensed laboratory.  State-of-the-art personalized cancer testing which helps select the most effective and least toxic cancer treatment. 


We also work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to streamline their research and development process for bringing new compounds to market.

Cancer Patient Success Stories

John Stamos and Dr. Robert Nagourney

John Stamos

"He is a tireless man who has really devoted his life to helping people"

Maria Lewis

Maria Lewis

"You would never know that I was once a cancer patient by looking at me now."

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Dr. Robert Nagourney 

Dr. Robert Nagourney Cancer Institute
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