Clinical Application of Functional Profiling

The following table is a representation of predicted clinical outcomes for patients treated with agents found active in the laboratory using the EVA-PCD functional profile.  With performance characteristics borrowed from the studies described earlier, these analyses have a sensitivity of 78.4% and specificity of 90.1%. 

The left column provides expected clinical response rate based on current literature reported response rates (pre-test expectation). These range from a 10% expected response rate for malignancies such as melanoma or renal cell carcinoma, up to 70% expected response rate for diseases such as untreated ovarian cancer or breast cancer.

The two columns to the right reflect the likelihood of clinical response for patients found sensitive or resistant (post-test expectation). The fold advantage of utilizing active drugs versus inactive drugs is provided on the right.

How We Test Your Cancer Infographic

As can be seen, the use of drugs found active in the laboratory provides superior likelihoods of clinical response for any given disease.

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