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  • Writer's pictureDr. Robert A. Nagourney, MD

Stage 4 Colon Cancer: Jeff Bassman

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in late August 2013.

On September 4, 2013, I was scheduled for surgery to remove the large tumor in my lower colon.

Prior to the surgery, my wife and I made an appointment to consult with Dr. Nagourney at Rational Therapeutics (now Nagourney Cancer Institute).

Dr. Nagourney performed a comprehensive examination, reviewed all the imaging, tests, and notes that had been compiled since my diagnosis.

He recommended that we submit tissue obtained during surgery to his laboratory for testing in order to find the most suitable colon cancer treatment options for my case.

My Functional Profiling Results

The functional profile testing performed showed that my cancer cells were responsive to both the FOLFOX and FOLFIRI chemotherapy regimes and that the use of these agents should be highly effective.

At our request, Dr. Nagourney referred us to an oncologist at Scripps Memorial in La Jolla, CA who was familiar with the techniques used at Rational Therapeutics.

To date, I have had 10 treatments (cycles), during which I have had two PET CT scans performed since chemotherapy began last October.

In the first scan (late December 2013), the metastases in my liver and lungs were less than 50% of their original size, and the level of hypermetabolic activity shown was dramatically reduced, in some areas to that of normal tissue!

I received the results of my second PET CT on 3/17/14.

Results - Cancer Free!

Further reduction of tumor size(s) continues, and the hypermetabolic activity level continues to decline. Both studies have shown that no new areas of cancer are detected, and that the original surgery site is free of any cancer and that all margins are clear.

In summary, my outcome to date is excellent.

The confidence and direction in chemotherapy regime(s) gained by the testing performed at Rational Therapeutics resulted in a highly directed choice of chemotherapy agents.

This information has helped my team develop both a first-line, and, if necessary, a second-line strategy in fighting what statistically is a very difficult cancer to beat. The strategy is working.

I don't understand why more people don't embrace Dr. Nagourney's methodology.

Testing your actual tissue and quantifying cancer cell death by analysis vs. testing of slides that are not your actual tissue, nor your actual cancer. Really not logical to go any other way.

The $4,000 is the smartest investment a patient can make with the stakes so high.

I would encourage anyone who is serious about fighting and beating their cancer to work with Dr. Nagourney and the staff at Rational Therapeutics.


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