Chemotherapy & Targeted Agents Available for Analysis

EVA-PCD Analysis

The drugs tested in our functional profiling analysis are disease specific and based on previous treatment history for a personalized patient profile. The quantity of drugs How We Test Your Cancer Infographic analyzed is dependent upon the quantity and quality of the tumor received. A typical panel consists of 8 – 16 drugs/combinations and is chosen from the available list. 

Our drug compendium is continuously updated with new targeted and investigational agents. Please contact us at 800-542-4357 if you have particular agents of interest.

TARGET Rx Analysis

In addition to testing patient’s living tumor against standard chemotherapies and combinations, the EVA-PCD TARGET Rx Analysis can also determine the effectiveness of new, molecularly targeted agents.

Scientists have come to realize that cancer biology is driven by signaling pathways. Cells speak to each other and the messages they send are interpreted via intracellular pathways, i.e. signal transduction. Many of these pathways are activated or deactivated by chemical reactions. Small molecules are being developed to regulate these chemical reactions. Hundreds of these “targeted agents” are currently in development for cancer treatment.

While many physician scientists are using genomic or proteomic testing to detect mutations in these pathways, the EVA-PCD TARGET Rx analysis addresses the complexity, redundancy and promiscuity of signal transduction and survival pathways, actually identifying which patients will respond to a particular targeted agent based on their tumor’s response in the laboratory.

Call for a list of targeted agents available to analyze signaling pathways using the TARGET Rx platform.

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Just like it sounds, translational research translates early scientific discoveries into clinically relevant therapies. The EVA-PCD TRANSLATIONAL Rx Analysis probes new developmental compounds that are not commercially available (FDA approved) for any given indication, yet may be available at university medical centers and/or the National Cancer Institute under investigational trials.

The identification of activity in the EVA-PCD platform may assist patients in selecting hospital/medical centers for investigational drug trials.

Call for a list of drugs and agents currently available for testing using the TRANSLATIONAL RX Analysis platform.


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