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Outliving Cancer by Robert A. Nagourney, M.D.

Outliving Cancer
Robert A. Nagourney, MD
Laboratory and Medical Director, Rational Therapeutics
Basic Health Publications - 238 pages
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Dr. Robert Nagourney felt like he had made a terrible mistake. In 1982, as an oncology fellow at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington DC, his lifelong desire to be a healer and a physician had been replaced by his role as an administrator of toxic, ineffective chemotherapies. His patients weren’t only dying; he was poisoning them. He resolved that the remainder of his career would be dedicated to finding better, innovative ways to treat cancer.

By rethinking what cancer is and how it behaves, Dr. Nagourney developed a smarter, more effective way to treat cancer patients. Dr. Nagourney describes the scientific rationale for his approach to cancer medicine — beginning with an interest in cancer as a disease, his good fortune to work with many accomplished scientists, to the obstacles he has encountered trying to change the status quo. He also expands on the profound impact that the concept of programmed cell death has had on his worldview.

You will come to understand that cancer is not what it once appeared to be, that its management has often been ill conceived and ill applied. And finally, you will see that simple insights have enabled Dr. Nagourney to demonstrably improve his patients’ outcomes. By taking a fresh look at some of medicine’s most sacrosanct dictates, he has found a better, smarter way to solve even the most complex problems.

This book follows the journey of discovery by one physician-scientist. It offers a road map for those navigating through the complex, confusing and frightening world of cancer treatment. It is a story of hope. A chronicle of how one rational test has helped so many patients outlive cancer.

Praise for Outliving Cancer

“There is NO QUESTION that Dr. Nagourney has passed the crossroads and is heading in the right direction. I lost a family member in 2003 from Ovarian Cancer due to an oncologist prescribing chemo out of a book. When I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2005, I called Dr. Nagourney at Rational Therapeutics the same day. I have been in remission since 2005. Anyone who has cancer should read Outliving Cancer.

-Michael J. Elias

“Dr. Nagourney has earned international recognition as the most prominent leader in the field of chemosensitivity testing. A more primitive proliferative assay led many to reject such testing early on. However, Dr. Nagourney’s pioneering work, based on a highly predictive apoptotic assay, has benefitted innumerable cancer patients and played a pivotal role in their treatment outcomes. I believe all patients deserve the quality of information that Dr. Nagourney’s assay provides, and that in the future, oncologist practices will routinely incorporate such testing into the optimal care of patients.”

-Keith I. Block, MD
Medical Director, Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment
Author, Life Over Cancer

“Functional laboratory testing rescued my wife from certain death. Her survival, now almost fifteen years later, was entirely due to Dr. Nagourney’s identification of a drug combination rarely used in ovarian cancer in 1999, and not recommended by any of the seven gynecologic oncologists she consulted. If you have cancer, this book may save your life!”

-Thomas Panke, MD
President Southern Ohio Pathology Consultants, Inc.
Author, Pathology of Thermal Injury

“Outliving Cancer provides rare insight into the world of a practicing oncologist who is also an innovative research scientist. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know why the official war on cancer has progressed so slowly and how it could be made more effective and humane. Dr. Robert Nagourney is a national treasure and in a sane society would be director of the National Cancer Institute.”

-Ralph W. Moss, PhD
Author, Customized Cancer Treatment, Cancer Therapy, Herbs Against Cancer,
Questioning Chemotherapy and The Cancer Industry

“Dr. Nagourney has written an amazing book. He explains everything so that a person like me can understand what he is saying without knowing all the medical terms. His heart-warming success stories are a tribute to his hard work and his joy in helping his patients. He is really a genius.”

-Ilse Angove

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