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Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP): Eliza Ho

At the beginning of February 2012, Eliza Ho went to see her doctor about the stomach pains she was having.

My primary physician sent me for an ultrasound, which showed a huge mass in my liver.

No one had even suspected I had cancer.

But a follow-up CT scan showed that not only was the liver involved (with a mass of 15 centimeters), but it also revealed tumors in my lungs, pelvis and neck.

The diagnosis was shocking.

I’m young and healthy. I never thought that I would have cancer.

I then went to see a couple of oncologists, but I didn’t get great news from either of them.

Originally, it was thought to be liver cancer, so I might have been Googling liver cancer when I found the website for Rational Therapeutics (now Nagourney Cancer Institute).

It looked interesting and made sense.

Afterward I heard from a friend that she had seen Dr. Nagourney. She encouraged me to have the EVA-PCD functional profiling test done.

Meeting Dr. Nagourney

Our first consultation with Dr. Nagourney was eye opening.

We learned more from him in an hour, than everything we had learned previously.

By this time, it had been determined that I don’t have liver cancer.

My cancer doesn’t have a primary site; it is called an adenocarcinoma of unknown primary.

Other physicians were concerned with this since they didn’t know what kind of protocol to use. Dr. Nagourney told us ‘I don’t care what your primary is, I care what will kill your cancer.’

So going to Dr. Nagourney was amazing.

I had my appointment with him on a Friday. He made a call to a surgeon. After the appointment with Dr. Nagourney, I went across the street and saw the surgeon he just spoke with.

Getting My Functional Profiling Test

The next day, on a Saturday, I had a lymph node removed.

By the following Tuesday, I had the assay results and knew what to do.

On Thursday, I started the chemotherapy regimen that the EVA-PCD identified as the most effective.

It was a good thing I started treatment soon after seeing Dr. Nagourney because by that time I had lost a great deal of weight and was in a lot of pain.

But now, everything is going well.

I would estimate half the cancer is already gone.

I’ve kept my hair. I haven’t been sick nor do I look sick. That is important to me because I have two young boys, ages 7 and 10 and I need to take care of them.

My Advice

The EVA-PCD test is the ONLY way to go.

It will get you answers about your cancer.

Just because a drug protocol works for one person, even though they may have the same type of cancer as you, there is no guarantee it will work for you.

Why not find out in the laboratory what will best kill your cancer?


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