Physician Endorsements 

Dr. Robert Nagourney has earned international recognition as the most prominent leader in the field of chemosensitivity testing.  For over two decades, my medical staff and I have included his chemosensitivity assay as an invaluable tool in helping us select the optimal chemotherapy regimen for our patients. A more primitive proliferative assay led many to reject such testing early on.

However, Dr. Nagourney's pioneering work, developing instead a more prominent apoptotic assay, has benefitted innumerable cancer patients and played a pivotal role in their treatment response and treatment outcome. I believe all patients deserve the quality of information that Robert's testing provides, and that in the future, oncology practices will routinely incorporate such testing into the optimal care for patients.”

Keith I. Block, MD
Skokie, Illinois

“For more than five years and nearly 100 times, I have utilized the Rational Therapeutics predictive test for tumor chemosensitivity. The information influenced my treatment decisions at least 70% of the time, and there were many examples of extraordinary responses to drugs or combinations of drugs, which I never would have considered without the information.”

R. Michael Williams, MD, PhD
California Medical Oncologist

“Rational Therapeutics has performed many assays on tissue from my patients with gynecologic cancer that I have found very helpful in selecting appropriate chemotherapy (both single agents and combinations of agents). Several patients come to mind that had very guarded prognoses and did very well following the guidance given us by the assay performed by Rational Therapeutics.”

Philip J. Di Saia, MD
Chair, Gynecologic Oncology Group
Professor and Division Director, Division of Gynecologic Oncology, University of California, Irvine

“No one in the United States has done more than Dr. Robert Nagourney in advancing the cause of chemosensitivity testing. In my opinion, he is a true pioneer of cancer research and a hero to many, including those whose lives have been lengthened or saved by his work.”

Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., Author of 11 Books and 3 Documentaries on Cancer-Related Topics

“Over the years, I have been privileged to be asked to provide samples to Rational Therapeutics in patients that were stage 4 and in whom I felt their life expectancy would be measured in months. Dr. Nagourney's assay and the subsequent chemotherapy have been the sole factor in many of these desperately ill patients being alive today, years after their treatment.”

Robert Shuman, MD
Thoracic Surgeon

 "Rational Therapeutics, led by pioneering medical oncologist and researcher Robert Nagourney, MD, provides an invaluable service for cancer patients and their doctors: A well-validated drug sensitivity test that is the most accurate and reliable in-vitro test currently available to assess the potential effectiveness of cancer drug regimens.

Dr. Nagourney is the class of this field, having developed a test based on a different principle than others on the market. Namely, by measuring cell death (apoptosis) rather than proliferation — a principle that makes the Rational Therapeutics test more accurate in predicting not only what drugs won't work, but what drugs and combinations will work. 

Dr. Nagourney's test has been validated over decades by correlative and clinical tests, proving that it provides superb guidance to clinicians seeking to optimize the efficacy of treatments for cancer patients, especially those with advanced and/or recurrent disease.

It is one of the few drug sensitivity assays that tests multi-drug combinations and many targeted therapies as well as chemotherapies. When the results from Rational Therapeutics testing is used as one important factor in designing personalized treatments for cancer patients, it can—and does—make a world of difference for the length and quality of their lives."

Henry Dreher
Author, "Your Defense Against Cancer" and
“Mind-Body Unity: A New Vision for Mind-Body Science and Medicine"

“I am extremely impressed by the assay methodologies (e.g. 3 dimensional spheriodal tumor growth, apoptosis assay endpoint data for both cytotoxic and biologic agents) and the very useful and timely interactions with Dr. Nagourney concerning the implications of the generated reports.”

David S. Alberts, M.D.
Regents Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology, Nutritional Sciences,
Public Health Director, Arizona Cancer Center

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