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Nagourney Cancer Institute In The News News Story: Changing the odds: Iowa man benefits from customized cancer treatment

Published Nov 5, 2019:

One West Des Moines man wants you to know that customization can even apply to cancer treatment.  He has been battling Stage 4 gastrointestinal cancer since February 2019.

His cancer is a rare and aggressive type, and he was initially only offered two lines of treatment at a world-renowned cancer treatment center in Texas.  He then found the Nagourney Cancer Institute.

The article and video can be found here.

Award Winning Breast Cancer Blogger:  The Story of Maria Lewis

Published July 31, 2019:

Barbara Jacoby, founder of Let Life Happen, an award-winning breast cancer blogger writes about the story of Triple Negative Breast Cancer patient Maria Lewis who was given only 3 to 6 months to live by her local cancer center.  She then found the Nagourney Cancer Institute.

The article can be found here.

Wall Street Journal Opinion section:  Every Cancer Patient Is One in a Billion

Published July 22, 2019 online, July 23, 2019 print edition:

Dr. Nagourney's op-ed on cancer, Every Cancer Patient Is One in a Billion, has now been published in the Wall Street Journal's Opinion section.  The subtitle is: The disease’s endless variety is reminiscent of Tolstoy’s observation about unhappy families. 

The article can be found here.

Reader's Digest story:  My "Asthma Symptoms" Turned Out to Be Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Published June 1, 2019:

For four years, doctors told Lori Morris she had asthma but actually, lung cancer had been slowly spreading throughout her body. When she finally had her disease correctly diagnosed, Lori remembered she had met Robert Nagourney, MD, of the Nagourney Cancer Institute, at a fundraiser in 2014, during the time she was having symptoms but still believed she had asthma. Lori had surgeons perform a biopsy and she made sure they sent part of it to Dr. Nagourney for functional profiling testing in his lab. 

The full article can be found here.

Study Finds Cancer Drugs Can be Repurposed Beyond Known Use

Published Mar 21, 2019:

In an article published by SAGE Publishing, investigators from The Nagourney Cancer Institute and The Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, announced a new approach to identifying effective treatments for patients with advanced metastatic cancers. A drug commonly used to treat kidney and liver cancer was discovered effective for breast cancer, which may open new drug therapies to patients regardless of tumor type.

The full article can be found here.

Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio Network: You Don't 'Get' Cancer...You Have Cancer

February 20, 2019:

Co-hosts Becky Olson, CN-BA and Sharon Henifin, CN-BA interview Dr. Nagourney for an episode on their Breast Friends Cancer Support Radio Network podcast.

Click here for the podcast interview which starts at 02:54.  The interview is 51 minutes in length.

A wide range of topics are discussed: 

2:54 - Introduction and Bio

9:00 - Programmed Cell Death and Improving Patient Outcomes

11:10 - How Chemotherapy Drugs Were Developed and Designed

13:20 - Selecting Among the Best Drugs for Each Patient

13:50 - Predicting Targeted Agent Responses

21:30 - What is Functional Profiling? 

24:14 - Cancer and Genetics

41:00 - Research on Identifying Breast Cancer early (studying metabolites in blood)

50:00 - Future of Cancer Medicine - Immunotherapy, Biochemistry, and Metabolism

51:30 - Dr. Nagourney's book "Outliving Cancer"

Life Extension Podcast - Personalized Medicine: Profiling Cancer Cells for Customized Care

December 28, 2018:

Michael A. Smith, MD, of Life Extension magazine interviews Robert A. Nagourney for an episode on their Live FOREVERish podcast.

Topics discussed are: 

Functional Profiling, Generalized vs. Personalized Cancer Treatment, Why Don't We Hear More About Personalized Therapy, and the Future of Cancer Treatment.

Click here for the podcast transcript of the interview shown on Life Extension's blog page.

Click here for the Life Foreverish with Dr. Mike podcast page.  Scroll down on that page to find the interview with Dr. Nagourney.

Click here to hear the actual 11 minute podcast audio file. 

CBS 2 Los Angeles TV: Diabetes Drug That Kills Cancer?

December 2, 2018:

CBS 2 Los Angeles TV showed a 3 minute segment on Dr. Robert Nagourney's work with a 26-yr-old Stage 4 adrenal cancer patient from Brazil.

Her cancer cells tested sensitive to the common diabetes drug Metformin and this helped her make a dramatic recovery.  Also seen on KCAL 9 TV in Los Angeles.

Click here to see the three minute video segment. 

Unique Cancer Treatment Shows Promising Results

October 22, 2018:

NBC 7 San Diego TV showed the story of Terry Gallant, 71 who, when he received a Stage 4 Lymphoma cancer diagnosis, had tumors in his body so large that he couldn't sleep on his side. 

Using a biopsy of Gallant's tumor from his neck, functional profiling tests performed by the institute allowed Dr. Nagourney to see what medications would work best for his cancer. 

Click here to see the 1 1/2 minute video segment. 


Killing Cancer on CBS TV

CBS 2 Los Angeles TV showed a 3 minute segment on Dr. Robert Nagourney's work with a 26-yr-old Stage 4 adrenal cancer patient from Brazil. Click the link below to view.