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Personal Cancer Testing

Ex Vivo Analysis of Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD®) Assay

This is a functional profiling test that exposes living cancer How We Test Your Cancer Infographic cells from individual patients to chemotherapy drugs, targeted agents and combinations. Drug induced cell death (apoptotic and non-apoptotic) is examined by morphology, cytochemistry, staining characteristics and cellular metabolism.

An analysis of living cells vs. dead cells shows which drugs kill the cancer cells (these cells are “sensitive” to these drugs) and which ones do not (these cancer cells are “resistant” to these drugs).  

Drug panels are selected for each patient based on diagnosis and treatment history. The use of this test enables the patient’s treating physician to prescribe those agents with the highest probability of improving the patient’s outcome and minimizing unnecessary toxic therapies.

You do not have to come to our facility in Southern California. 

Call our Patient Relations representatives today at 800-542-4357 to review specifics regarding sample collection/transportation of your "living" cancer cells.  Click here for detailed specimen criteria.

If you would like to come to Southern California to have your sample collected, we will be happy to coordinate sample collection procedures with our surgical/hospital colleagues. 

Once the sample is received in our laboratory results are generally available within 7 days.


The fee for the EVA-PCD functional profile depends upon the quantity and complexity of the agents tested.  The larger the sample that we receive, the more drugs and combinations we can test.  

Payment is required at the time of service but we will file a claim with your insurance carrier in an attempt to help you recover your out-of-pocket expense. As with some medical services, Medicare/HMOs do not deem this a covered service.  Many private indemnity plans will cover part or all of the analysis. 

Click here for a CPT Code/description to present to your insurance carrier to determine their level of reimbursement. 

Financial Assistance

If you cannot afford the cost of the EVA-PCD functional profile test, you may apply to the Vanguard Cancer Foundation for financial assistance.  They may be able to help cover part or all of the cost of the laboratory analysis. Assistance is based entirely on financial need and must be approved prior to receipt of sample in the laboratory. 

Please contact our Patient Relations staff at 800-542-4357 to request a Vanguard assistance application.

Sample Processing Only 

Occasionally, we are unable to provide an adequate analysis because a specimen that is expected to contain malignant cells, may contain too few to setup a reliable analysis. In these cases, there is a $500 sample processing fee to cover the cost of specimen transportation, laboratory personnel time, reagents and specimen processing.

Specimen Transportation Kit  

Specimen transportation kits which include culture media tube, transport box and return FedEx packing supplies can be ordered by contacting us.

If a specimen transportation kit is sent out for use and is not returned with a cancer sample for analysis, a $125 specimen kit fee will be charged to cover the cost of supplies, overnight shipping and handling. If a cancer sample is submitted, the cost of the kit is included in the test price.


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